Who is GradingDay.com?

GradingDay.com is web-based platform for people to take, develop and share the tests. By taking or developing test, you can challenge yourself, better prepare yourself for the future opportunities, share the knowledge with others and have fun.

What kind of tests I can find here?

Everything, we hope. From 5th grader math to graduate level logic. From IQ test to interview questions.

Will my test score be saved?

Yes, but only when you login. You can view your test history any time when you login.

How do you use my email address?

Your email address is solely used to communicate between you and GradingDay.com. They are never be sold or traded to the third party.

Where are these tests come from?

All the tests on GradingDay.com are created by users, including you.

How do I create a test?

We have a easy to user web based interface to create a test or add a question.

Can I add a question to one of the tests?

If the test allows you to add new question, the you have an opportunity to do so after you've taken the test..

What kind of question can I add?

Three type of questions are supported:
  • select the only one correct answer from the multiple choices.
  • select all the correct answer(s) from the multiple choices.
  • enter the answer directly in a text box.

How about copyright issue?

User are not allowed to publish any Copyrighted content on GradingDay.com. We encourage you to use your knowledge and imagination to create a question completely original.

Do I need login to create a test?

You are not required to do so. But, we encourage you to login before taking a test or creating a new test. There are many advantages to do so. For example, once you login, all your test history will be saved, and you can view your progress any time and re-take the same test if you like. When you create a test, you will be credited by adding your screen name along with the test.

I think one of the questions or the answers is not quite right. Should I tell you?

Absolutely. Our tests will be improved by everybody's contribution. You can do so in two ways:
  • After you take a test, you are asked to comment this test. Please tell us the problem in comment.
  • Use the contact us page. We review your feedback and correct the question or answer as soon as possible.